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Austria Vienna in the middle of the fight for a place in the European Cup

Austria Vienna in the middle of the fight for a place in the European Cup

After two draws, Manfred Schmid’s team wants to celebrate complete success once again.

Eric Martel returns to Team FAK.
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Austria Vienna still has every chance of securing one of the coveted places in the European Cup. Two rounds before the end of the season, “Violet” has 23 points and is in fourth place. The gap to third, which means a fixed place in the group stage, is currently only two points and that’s what Rapid City currently holds.

Austria coach Manfred Schmid explained: “Even if the results are not always what I would like, I am satisfied with the form of my team. With the exception of the first leg in Salzburg, the performance in the last few matches has been very good, sometimes very good. We want to continue that against Klagenfurt”.

Austria Klagenfurt had been waiting for the complete success of three matches, the last of which was Peter Bacolt’s team losing 2-1 to Sturm Graz. In the previous three direct engagements, there was always a tie. “Previous duels show that the match in Klagenfurt will not be an easy task,” Schmid said. “Every team in the league finds it difficult to face Carinthians because they defend very well.”

A big jump with just three points.

As far as staff status is concerned, there is good news from the Vienna point of view. Eric Martel suspended the yellow card and will return to the team. Marco Djurisen, who suffered a concussion in the Vienna derby on Sunday, was in doubt after suffering a concussion, as was injured defender Lucas Galvão. Otherwise, the wounded Ziyad Al-Shewi, George Tegel and Maharem Haskovic are still missing.

Austria can finish third with a simultaneous win and loss to Rapids, thus setting a good start to the final day of the match. “We will make a big jump with only three points. Our clear goal is to win in Klagenfurt. Then we will have a big final,” said the coach, setting out the path.