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NeuzugangAustria Klagenfurt holt besten College-Spieler der USA

Austria Klagenfurt offers the best college players in the USA

The best college player in the USA! Austria Klagenfurt sign striker Galloire Amanda until 2023

Austria Klagenfurt carries Amanda Galloire

This move will make the hearts of older Austrian fans beat faster! Violet reinforces itself with an attacking player with roots like former favorite star Kassem Ramadan in Tanzania: 22-year-old Gloire Amanda is moving to Austria Klagenfurt and will be on contract until June 30, 2023.

The new Klagenfurt Sturm Hope was born in a refugee camp in Kigoma province, and the family later moved to Canada. Amanda trained for the first time in the youth division of First Division club Edmonton FC before being accepted into the Vancouver Whitecaps Academy of the North American Football League. There he got his first professional contract as a teenager.

Best college player in the United States

In 2018, Amanda really took off in the USA: For the Beavers at Oregon State University, he played in the NCAA Division I, the highest college league in the United States. There, the former Canadian international rookie triumphed so strongly last season that he was awarded the “Hermann Cup” as the country’s player of the year. In addition, he was nominated as one of only four athletes as the nation’s top college athlete in the traditional election for ESPN sports broadcaster.

Austria Klagenfurt provides Gloire Amanda services

“We have worked hard to bring Gloire Amanda to Waidmannsdorf. He is currently very popular with some clubs in Major League Soccer, but he wants to prove himself in Europe. He made it clear in our video calls with him. Our fans can look forward to a shameless guy who doesn’t Fear. He definitely has the ability to help the team and give us a lot of happiness.”

Amanda Galloire boarded the plane to Munich, Oregon, and was received there by Matthias Imhof. We both went to Carinthia by car, and he should be in the field early on Monday at the start of the preparations at the sports park. “I am ready to take the next step in my career. Discussions with officials in Austria were built on trust, openness and honesty. I can’t wait to get to know everyone and show my skills.”

Kassem Ramadan comes to Klagenfurt

In addition to the Violet fans, club legend Ramadan will also be happy that his compatriot will follow in his footsteps at Weidmannsdorf after his departure in the summer of 1986. The former midfielder now lives in Belgium, but has already announced that he will visit a home game with his former team at the Wörthersee stadium in As soon as possible the team encourages.

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