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Austria: Account deposit error

Austria: Account deposit error


When he deposited more than 8,000 euros into his account, it suddenly disappeared

The Austrian deposits cash in his bank in Vienna. The machine literally swallows money. Now he’s got it back – but 30 euros missing.


The man deposited more than 8,000 euros in his bank. (Icon picture)


  • The Austrian wanted to deposit €8,300 into his account.

  • However, the money did not reach the bank.

  • Countless weeks and conversations with the bank later, he got his money back – but €30 was missing.

An Austrian who runs a catering company in Vienna with his wife. At the end of July, the couple finally went on vacation together. In order to be able to enjoy leisure time as much as possible, everything has already been taken care of in advance. This also applies to the payment of sales from the previous evenings to the company’s bank account: a total of 8,300 euros (7,700 francs).

To do this, the Viennese used the self-service terminal of his trusted bank. But something went wrong that day, like mentioned. The money was confiscated but nothing happened after that. The 50-year-old did not receive a receipt or confirmation. When he finally went to the personnel office, it was confirmed again: according to the system, there was no deposit. Accordingly, the money did not find its way to the man’s account.

Money ‘still not there’

Hard times awaited Alvin and his wife: “After long discussions at the desk and a few phone calls to the bank’s customer service, we were told that nothing could be done at the moment. In about two weeks, you’ll look no further.”

“Looking further” was the worst possible choice for the Viennese, because the couple went on vacation the next day. The following days were anything but relaxing. After returning from the trip, the Austrian called the bank again. She tells him that they “have not yet found the money” and that the investigation will take another four weeks.

The money has come back – but 30 euros are missing

But Gregor did not give up. On the same day, he called the bank several times and kept telling the staff that he would not bear it under any circumstances. A few hours later, the amount of 8270 euros suddenly appeared in the account.

«Why the bank withdrew 30 euros is not clear to us, but we were more relieved. However, the past two weeks have been a nightmare for us.”

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