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Australia’s first Halloween horror flight

Australia’s first Halloween horror flight

Celebrating Halloween is becoming increasingly popular not only in our world. In Australia too, more horror fans dress up and hunt for sweets. So Virgin Australia decided to make night flight VA570 from Perth to Sydney on October 30 a special experience. To the surprise of passengers, the airline celebrated Halloween!

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FLYING HALLOWEEN PARTY: Passengers had fun on the plane.

Trick or treat at 12,000 meters

As soon as you arrive, you can tell something isn’t quite right: the departure hall has been transformed into a haunted house and decorated to frighten passengers. The “horror” on board continued. Dead or Not: The Scarily Dressed Flight Attendants Were Definitely in Good Spirit! The Halloween Jet from Perth departed with a slight delay at 11:10pm. Despite the giant eight-legged creatures taking the trolleys with their spider webs, there were tons of candy at midnight, sponsored by a famous candy bar manufacturer. The cabin light, bathed in orange, did the rest. Nevertheless, the Boeing 737-81D (VH-YFE) landed safely in Sydney at 6:09 am.

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