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Australians get hallucinations from spinach

The Health Authority warns

Australians are suddenly hallucinating about spinach

Contaminated spinach caused hallucinations in several people in Australia. The health authority warned of potentially serious consequences, including delirium, hallucinations, tachycardia and blurred vision.


In Australia, more than 50 people suddenly hallucinated after eating spinach.

More than 50 people in Australia experienced hallucinations and severe nausea after eating spinach. They all ate baby spinach from the Costco supermarket. NSW Health said they had “symptoms of poisoning”. Perhaps the vegetables were “accidentally contaminated”.

“Patients who were in very bad shape had severe hallucinations, where they saw things that weren’t there,” Darren Roberts, medical director of the state’s poison center, told the paper.Sydney Morning Announces». “You can no longer say exactly what happened.” Fortunately no one died.