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Australian surfers rescued after 36 hours at sea

Australian surfers rescued after 36 hours at sea

A group of Australian surfers have been rescued from the sea after a 36-hour search. The crew went out to sea after being caught in a storm off the coast of Indonesia.

Elliott Foote, Steph Weiss, Will Diggle and Jordan Short were among Nias Island and Penang Surf. These are located on the western coast of the mainland. They were traveling in two wooden longboats with a group of 12 Australians, Mail Online reported.

Both the boats got caught in a storm during their 50km journey on Sunday. One of the boats took refuge on an island just in time. Another continued the crossing despite bad weather. As a result, four Australians and three Indonesian crew members are missing.

The missing persons were searched for two days. On Tuesday morning, Steph, Will and Jordan were finally floating on their surfboards in the middle of the ocean off Aceh. There they waited for help after their boat capsized. Elliott was found 90 minutes later on an island five kilometers away.

All four occupants were rescued and taken to a nearby hospital. They were interrogated there. Elliot suffered a sunburn and some scars.