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Australian Open: Zverev passed - Round of 16 already this weekend

Australian Open: Zverev passed – Round of 16 already this weekend

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Alexander Zverev defeated Radu Albot at the Australian Open and is now in the round of 16. The live broadcast of the Grand Slam from Melbourne.

  • The tennis world is looking forward to the 2022 Australian Open* in Melbourne – the first major tournament of the year.
  • Alexander Zverev* is also one of the candidates. The German professional tennis player defeated Romanian Radu Albot in three sets in the third round.
  • In the round of 16, Alexander Zverev met Denis Shapovalov. The match takes place on Sunday.
one sentence second sentence third movement
Alexander Zverev (Germany) 6 6 6
Radu Albot (MDA) 3 4 4

+++ 12.00 pm: Alexander Zverev’s next match at the Australian Open has been scheduled. The 24-year-old professional tennis player will meet Canadian Denis Shapovalov on Sunday (21 January). The date of the 16th round of the duel between the two has not yet been announced.

Australian Open: Alexander Zverev in the Round of 16

Still on a good track at the Australian Open. Alexander Zverev also won the third round of the Grand Slam in Melbourne. The German professional tennis player remains without losing a set and is now in the round of 16 of the tournament. His opponent, Radu Albot of Moldova, was kept on the lookout, but he could never put Zverev under pressure.

The round of 16 of the Australian Open begins tomorrow with the first match between Miomir Kekmanovic and Gael Monfels. In the round of 16, Alexander Zverev met Canadian Denis Shapovalov. The two have already played six times. Zverev won four matches. Shapovalov is currently ranked 14th in the world tennis rankings. No date has been set for the match between the two.

Noun Denis Shapovalov
Modification 22 years old (born April 15, 1999 in Tel Aviv, Israel)
nationality Canada
size 1.85 m
world ranking Fourteenth place

++6:4 Alexander Zverev was sent by serve in the Australian Open round of 16.

++5:4 Alexander Zverev gets the second half! The German is about to win the Australian Open.

++ 4: 4 – Alexander Zverev continues to serve in a dominant manner and can equalize again directly. Could the Germans break in the best possible time?

++ 3: 4 – But Radu Albot is not defeated yet. The Romanian managed to pass the serve match despite being late and advanced against Alexander Zverev.

++ 3: 3 His services remain dominant. Alexander Zverev equals.

++ 2: 3 – So far, Alexander Zverev has not managed a significant break in the third set of the Australian Open. Radu Albot, on the other hand, is taking the lead once again.

Australian Open 2022: Alexander Zverev defeated Radu Albot in the third round.

© Hamish Blair / dpa

++ 2: 2 – Radu Albot is angry. The cause of many Roman errors. On the other hand, Alexander Zverev hits his powerful 14, crossing his serve.

+ 1: 2 – But Radu Albot wins his service game.

++ The first really long rally goes to Alexander Zverev, who leads 30:15.

++ 1: 1 – When he opens it, hardly anything burns. Alexander Zverev tied in the third set at the Australian Open.

Australian Open: Radu Albot opens the third set against Alexander Zverev

++ Radu Albot opened the third set by sending him. Alexander Zverev is still in the know, but the Roman takes the match and leads the third set.

++ Alexander Zverev is still on the right track at the 2022 Australian Open. But the best German tennis player seems to be at odds with himself. He often shakes his head, cheers a little, talking to himself.

The third group should already be running. But Alexander Zverevs still had to wait for his opponent. Radu Albot seems to be going to the toilet for a long time.

Australian Open live: Alexander Zverev takes Group B

++6:4 – Nine aces speak for themselves. Alexander Zverev remains dominating his serve at the Australian Open. He also won the second set against Radu Albot. Things are looking good for the Germans.

++ Alexander Zverev works to win a set against Radu Albot at the Australian Open.

++5:4 Radu Albot is far from giving up. It confidently brings its transmission through 40:0 and shortens it to 5:4.

Australian Open: Potential opponent of Alexander Zverev has been decided in the Round of 16

++ While Alexander Zverev is still fighting for a place in the round of 16 at the Australian Open, Denis Shapovalov is already there. The Canadian defeated Riley Opelka of the USA* and would be Zverev’s next opponent.

++ 5: 3 – Alexander Zverev doesn’t seem to be bothered by the deficit at the 2022 Australian Open. He gets five straight points to win the match.

++ Radu Albot takes three points from Alexander Zverev at the start of the serve game and leads 0:40. Three break points for the Roman. Zverev repels the first.

++ 4: 3 – But Radu Albot can also count on unlocking the game. The Roman enters the field with a strong serve and stays close to Zverev. The third round of the Australian Open is still exciting.

++4: 2 Alexander Zverev maintains his dominant serve. Eight aces are already on the books, thus topping the second set of the third round of the Australian Open.

++ Alexander Zverev’s service game is following a break of his own.

Australian Open live: Alexander Zverev with a break against Albot in the second set

++ 3: 2 – Alexander Zverev shows his fist. With the supremacy broken, the German takes the lead in the second set.

++ 2: 2 – But Alexander Zverev is also still on top at the Australian Open. At 40:0 he didn’t give Albot a chance to serve and equalize straight.

++ 1: 2 – Radu Albot makes the game better and better. The Moldovan sends the ball easily and is now 2-1 ahead in the second set.

++ 1: 1 – But Zverev keeps his cool, saves two break balls and gets the match.

++ Zverev weakens a little. Albot has a chance to break, but Zverev is fair: 40 both.

++ 0: 1 – Rado Albot serves through.

++ The second set takes place between Alexander Zverev and Rado Albot. Moldovan looks better in the game.

Australian Open: Round Three in Melbourne – Zverev takes Group A

++ 6: 3 Alexander Zverev is still in control. He sends easily and gets the first set in the third round of the Australian Open.

++ 5: 3 – Radu Albot is better in the game and sends with confidence. With the help of two aces, the Spaniard lowered it to 5: 3. Now Zverev could serve.

++ Alexander Zverev changes racket again ahead of what could be his last game in the first set. Serves Radu Albot.

++5:2 Sovereign Alexander Zverev remained at the end of Group A in the third round of the Australian Open. He’s still one game away from winning the first set.

++4: 2 The bot shortened the first sentence.

Australian Open Live: Alexander Zvervet with Sovereign Service Game

++4:1 – Alexander Zverev confidently with his dispatch.

++ 3: 1 Radu Albot gets his first match.

++ 3: 0 – A good start to the favourites.

++ 2: 0 – Alexander Zverev makes the break.

++ 1: 0 Alexander Zverev skips his service game.

Australian Open 2022: Zverev meets Albot

7.45 am: The match starts with Zverev’s sending

07:32 AM: My ladies’ pair ended up at the John Cain Arena. Magda Linate and Bernarda Pera defeated Samantha Stosur and Chiang Wang in straight sets. And soon the match between Alexander Zverev and Radu Albot will begin.

07:27: The start of the match for Alexander Zverev was slightly delayed. The duos between Bernarda Pera and Magda Linate as well as Samantha Stosur and Shuai Zhang are currently in the middle of the decisive third set.

Favorite Alexander Zverev vs Radu Albot

MELBOURNE – Olympic tennis champion Alexander Zverev wants to reach the last 16 of the 2022 Australian Open on Friday (21 January 2022). The third place in the world rankings is the favorite in the duel with the qualified Radu Albot of Moldova. The match won’t start before 7.25am DST, and the men are currently still waiting for women’s tennis Bera/Linette and Chang/Stosur.

Albot was previously ranked 39, but is currently only 124th in the world rankings. Zverev is the only German player to remain on the field in individual competitions. He’s one of the candidates and has set his sights on his first Grand Slam title. (dpa) *the father is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Hamish Blair / dpa