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Australian GP: Haas protest ruled out – Formula 1 podium confirmed after five hours

Australian GP

Haas protest rejected – Formula 1 podium confirmed five hours later

A Chaos GP has finally come to an end. Race officials have crushed past protests.


This mass casualty caused a pedestal.


  • The Formula 1 podium was confirmed just over five hours into the race.

  • Haas previously filed a complaint.

  • Fia prevented this.

Formula 1 team Haas is fighting over German driver Nico Hulkenberg Against the Australian Grand Prix score failure This emerges from a document published on Sunday by the world motorsport federation, FIA. The result was long delayed and only released five hours after the race. Thus the result of the Grand Prix remains unchanged.

The American racing team took action against classification as Hulkenberg was fourth before the last race interruption in Melbourne due to the third red flag. However, after a chaotic last lap after a restart with several crashes, the race management decided to judge the Grand Prix with the standings before the last red flag. After this assessment, the 35-year-old Hulkenberg was ranked seventh. This is the end now.

At the end of a memorably chaotic race with three pitfalls and crossing the finish line behind the safety car, Max Verstappen had to take a deep breath. “What a mess,” said the Formula 1 world champion. His well-deserved victory on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, gave the Red Bull driver his third world title following the start of the season. “It was a long afternoon, but a win is a win – we’re happy to take it with us,” said the 25-year-old Dutchman.

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