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Australian comedy about unplanned teenage kids comes to Germany –

“Pump” cast: (from left) Claudia Di Giusti, Carlos Sanson, Natalie Morris, Claudia Garvan and Angus Sampson

Image: Stan

JOIN has announced a rare fantasy series launch: on January 26, the full season premiere of Australian drama Pump will be released on JOIN Plus+. In ten episodes, viewers experience how ambitious schoolgirl Ollie (Natalie Morris) deals with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.

In Australia, local streaming service Stan launched in early 2021 and the format was successful enough to produce two more seasons – with the third season completed below As a Christmas present on December 26.

Oly is a student who has ambitious goals in life and has what it takes to achieve them. After an impulsive one-night stand with her classmate Santiago ‘Sandy’ Hernandez (Carlos Sanson), she becomes pregnant – and she keeps it from those around her until they finally give birth. Now she, her surprised father and her two families must deal with the new situation. Two young people who become unwilling parents are very “fair”, while their families struggle with the new situation (and Ollie’s parents have to deal with old problems anyway).