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Australian Championship in live stream – but expensive / Speedway

Australian Championship in live stream – but expensive / Speedway

The speedway celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. One year the logo was designed for the start of the Australian Championships in Gilman, which can be followed on a live stream.

The logo features a silhouette of a historic speedway driver and current athlete, designed to celebrate 100 years of speedway sport in Australia. “The Australian motorcycling community, especially our sport and speedway, should be proud to have achieved such a milestone. We are a nation of avid athletes and participants in many competitions and disciplines. “Australian speedway racing has reached this milestone in the healthiest way it’s ever been and it’s a credit to everyone who’s contributed to our sport over these hundred years,” Motorcycle Australia chairman Peter Doyle said. “The logo will be visible throughout the 2023 speedway season.”

A number of top drivers have signed up for this year’s Australian championship: three-time champion Max Frick will be challenged by former world champions Jason Doyle and Chris Holder and current GP driver Jack Holder. 2020 U21 World Champion Jaymon Litsey will miss the national championships after fracturing his wrist in the 2022 finals at the end of December.

The opening match will be broadcast live on Tuesday (January 3) from 9:30am CET. Access costs $16.99This currently corresponds to almost 16 €.

Lineup for First Final:

Fraser Bowes
Ben Cook
Zach Cook
Jason Doyle
Max Frick
Chris Holder
Jane Kelleher
Brady Kurtz
Sam Masters
Brayden McGuinness
James Pearson
Josh Pickering
Justin Setman
Rohan Tungate
Michael West