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Australia VPN 2024 – Secure Australian Servers

Australia VPN 2024 – Secure Australian Servers

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) can enforce content controls on anything hosted in the country. It also has a block list that includes local and international websites. Several years ago, whistleblower WikiLeaks published a copy of the ACMA blacklist, which included websites that did not publish controversial content. Despite the controversy, the ACMA added several websites to its blacklist.

The ACMA has tried to expand its auditing powers in the past. Among other things, it proposed to force internet service providers to filter all websites that are “refused to be classified in Australia” (RC). Although the move was later rescinded, internet providers said website filtering, previously voluntary, was now mandatory following requests from the Australian Federal Police. The country has enacted censorship laws to ban websites that promote copyright infringement, including torrent sites.

Sometimes Australia blocks websites by mistake. The country blocks IP addresses for a variety of reasons, and since many websites often share IP addresses, some have found their websites censored by mistake. B. Also a university website. Australia also passed an online privacy law in 2021 that gives the country more access to user data and freedom rights activists have called it a cumbersome law that allows for increased surveillance.

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