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Australia surprisingly wins Dart Experts World Championship – dpa

Australia Surprisingly for the first time Dorts won the Experts’ World Cup. Damon Hetta and Simon Whitlock beat Wales 3-1 on Sunday evening in Frankfurt, Maine. First, Hetta defeated former world champion Kervin Bryce 4-0 in the first singles match, then beat veteran Whitlock Johnny Clayton 4-2. The foreigner scored a third and decisive point through Hetta, who also defeated Clayton in the singles (4: 2). Wales won the doubles 4-3.

Earlier in the evening, the Hetta and Whitlock pair defeated the England disciples (Michael Smith, James Wade) 2-0. This is Australia’s second final appearance in a major tournament since 2012 (already with Whitlock). Wales also advanced to the final, beating the Netherlands 2-0 without injury. Michael von Kervan Was safe. Germany lost 2-0 to Wales in the quarter-finals on Sunday afternoon.

England, the Netherlands (four titles each), Scotland (two titles) and Wales (one title), Australia are the fifth winners of the so-called World Cup, this time held in Esportale, Frankfurt.