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Australia opens international borders from November

One-and-a-half years after Australia severed itself from the rest of the world, the country will reopen its international borders in November. The “No-Govit-Strategy” The government has barred Australian citizens living abroad from going home to visit friends and family. In contrast, about 25 million people living in Australia are mostly stranded in that country. Currently tourists have to stay outside.

Isolation for a week

After their return, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that immigrants would be in solitary confinement for seven days. Until now, 14 days of isolation in expensive facilities has been necessary.

The reason for the long-awaited relaxation is that the vaccination rate will reach more than 80 percent in most parts of the country. Previous isolation rules apply to those who have not been vaccinated. “It’s time for the Australians to give their lives back,” Morrison said. People made “great sacrifices,” but as a result many lives were saved.

Travel corridors – but currently no tourism

Although tourists are not currently allowed to travel to the Fifth Continent, the government in Canberra is working to create segregated travel corridors with various countries. Neighboring New Zealand already had such a restriction in April.

The so-called “trans-Tasman bubble” was shut down again in July after a growing number of cases were reported in Australia. There are 105,000 cases in Australia so far. About 1,200 people have been killed in connection with the Govt-19.