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“Australia is very special to me” ·

“Australia is very special to me” ·

Thanks to the wildcard, it becomes Dane Caroline Wozniacki Get started in the Australian Open 2024 main draw. The former world number one appeared on the podcast “The AO Show” in full anticipation, explaining his special relationship with Australia and his new found strength on the pitch.

By Dietmar Kaspar

Last modified: December 10, 2023, 8:08 pm

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The “real” comeback for Caroline Wozniacki comes in Australia.

The 33-year-old took the rest of the season off after her return to the US tournament, where she went four wins and three losses in a total of three tournaments, including the Caroline Wozniacki US Open. The time she spent extensively preparing for her return to the country was always closely linked to her career. After all, the Dane had her only win to date in a major tournament in Australia in 2018, and was also playing her last tournament before her long maternity break in 2020, during which she gave birth to two children.

After his third-round loss against Anse Jaber, he did not hope to return to the 'Happy Slam': “It's amazing that I got the chance to play in Australia again. When I retired in 2020, I thought this would be my last match, my last game.

Even outside the game, Wozniacki, who was born in Oden, has always been down to earth: “I decided to retire in Australia because this country is very special to me. I feel very supported there because I won my first Grand Slam there.” However, she soon realized that her hunger for competition was still unsatisfied: “After three years, I realized that the game had something more to give “I knew that my passion was still there and that I was still young enough to finally try my luck.

Wozniacki sees a big advantage in her comeback experience last season and the right balance in her career: “I'm going into the new season very confident and relaxed knowing that I've already played in these three tournaments and that my game is good. I think I need to speed up a bit physically. If someone beats me, congratulations – you were better than me that day, I go home and work hard. I think the balance in my life has helped me feel like I can play amazing tennis and be more independent.


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