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Australia is seeking victory in the battle for talent with its latest immigration program

London –

The global competition for talent, triggered by the Govit-19 epidemic, seems endless. Australia is sending strong signals with its latest immigration offer that the country wants to be successful as part of the Global Trade and Talent Attraction Task Force. The task force wants to simplify the path to permanent residency for professionals through a quick visa process. With Visaprogram Global Talent The aim is to promote Australia’s innovative and technological economy to promote economic recovery, improve recession, attract competent, highly talented individuals, and increase competitiveness by moving to a safer country.

Applicants do not have to be of a certain age or make investments, but must be internationally recognized and have the best expertise in their field and be able to demonstrate excellent performance. The focus is on the following 10 areas of the future: agriculture / food and agriculture / technology, energy, health, security, modern manufacturing and aerospace, circular economy, digital technology, infrastructure and tourism, financial services and financial technology and education. There are also places with exceptional talent for internationally recognized masters and PhD students.

Peter WerverThe Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Global Trade and Skills, Australia, said: It is for this reason that Australia has created the Global Business and Talent Gravity Task Force. The aim is to attract talented individuals such as top companies and top scientists, technological entrepreneurs and investors with their ideas, networks and capital so that they can work and live permanently in Australia. It will also create opportunities for Australians as it involves the transfer of skills, innovation and job creation. ”

Director of the Australian Office of the Leading International Residence and Citizenship Consulting Agency Henley & Partners, Tony Le Neves According to him, focusing on future opportunities and Australia’s prosperity, security and exceptional quality of life make the country a highly desirable place. “The impetus for innovation, especially technological innovation, is not negotiable for any sovereignty in the current context. By attracting and enhancing the best talents in the world, the issuance of Australian visas under Global Talent will ensure that the country is at the forefront. As a result of the epidemic, the desire for change has grown significantly and many are looking for alternatives.” Is one of the countries with the best performance Health Risk Assessment DES Investment Migration Plan, Health Risk Assessment, and the Global Talent Visa Program is the perfect opportunity to bring the best talents to a safe, reliable, successful and, more future-oriented country. ”

According to Australian Interior Ministry figures, India, along with the United Kingdom and the United States, is one of the leading countries in the global talent visa program. The scheme is very attractive because successful applicants can get a quick permanent residence for the whole family within six weeks. Organized for individuals who want to learn more about the Global Talent Visa Program Henley & Partners A special group discussion with Werver and Le Neves on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 12 noon (2.30 pm SGT). See more details Here.

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