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Australia focuses on seamless travel

Tromsø Hardy Gruden Offers sea travel with mail boats between Bergen and Kirkenes, promising an aurora borealis. Because the light show is difficult to predict, the company offers the Northern Lights promise.

If the lights are not seen during the trip, participants will be invited to a second trip in the coming season. Guests can take a 6-day trip south from Kirkenes to Bergen or a 7-day trip from Bergen to Kirkenes.

Other tour operators also offer such a guarantee, but the conditions are different.

Queensland without barriers

Cairns – Australia shows how seamless travel works: Tourism agency “Tourism Tropical North Queensland” website lists activities, itineraries and accommodation in North Queensland.

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The offer is called “Access Center”. Accessible beaches and snorkeling excursions are also listed.

Migratory Bird Days in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea

OLTENBURG – Millions of migratory birds fly south over northern Germany. For anyone interested in a natural spectacle, the 14th Migratory Bird Days in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park from October 8 to 16 offer several events about animals on the coast.

At Varel in the Friesland district, an elevated stand is being built for better viewing of the animals. Experts help identify feathers found on the beaches of the East Frisian Islands. Children can also participate in many activities like painting competition.

Legoland Günzburg is opening a new themed area

Günzburg – Magical reopening at Legoland Germany: At the start of the 2023 season there will be a new themed area with life-size fantasy creatures. On 1.2 hectares “Lego Mythica” offers a new roller coaster that rides upside down.