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Australia: Construction workers find a large moth in an elementary school

The Australian Wildlife is known for its zenith. Snakes, spiders, sharks, crocodiles and co. The animal now found in Mount Cotton is not poisonous or dangerous – but it should still give some people a slight shiver. Construction workers have discovered a large tree moth in southeastern Queensland.

This type of moth is one of the largest insects of all, with females reaching 25 centimeters in wingspan and weighing more than 30 grams. Although animals are not so rare, very few people see them, Australian broadcaster ABC announced.

Enthusiasm in elementary school was correspondingly good when workers encountered the moth while building a new classroom. “Our construction site borders directly on the rainforest,” quotes Megan Stewart, director of the Broadcasting School. He talked about a “great invention”.

Ted Edwards, a researcher at the Australian National Pest Collection, also allows the station. He explains why the moth encounters humans so rarely. Thus, the animals dig deep into the trees as larvae and stay there for many years: “After the completion of the bubbling phase, significantly larger females leave their hiding place for a short time.”

The children were inspired by the invention

According to Christine Lampkin of the Queensland Museum, women can also fly very badly because of their size: “When they come out, they usually stay in a tree somewhere and wait for a male to arrive.” After the eggs are mated and laid, the animals die.

After taking some photos, construction workers at Mount Cotton took the big woman back into the woods. However, according to headteacher Stewart, the insect gave the children some inspiration: “The students came up with some very creative stories – in which the teacher, Mrs. Wilson, is being eaten by a giant moth.”