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Australia celebrates Olympic team’s medal tally – Winter Games

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Beijing – Sunday, 02/13/2022, 11:49 am

Sydney is looking forward to summer days. The temperature at the end of the week is 30 degrees and higher waves.

On the beach you can celebrate the precious metal at the XXIV winter games in China. Aussie with a record of amassing medals. The “Down Under” Olympic team has never won. Jacqueline Narcot’s silver medal in the women’s skeleton at the Beijing Games was Australia’s fourth medal.

The country of the Southern Hemisphere was not properly blessed with long and snowy winters and is now engaged in freestyle skiing and skeleton in addition to skiers.

Highlights: Freestyle skier Zakara Antony wins gold at the Mughal Slope. “It was a wonderful morning,” said Geoff Lipshatt, Australia’s Olympic mission manager.

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