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Australia: Birdsong album takes 3rd place on the charts - Panorama

Australia: Birdsong album takes 3rd place on the charts – Panorama

ABBA’s current title “Bumblebee” honors a “small, fluffy ball” that “can hardly fly”. Anthem Hamill – from a band that sang about Adler 44 years ago (“I fly high, high, I’m a bird in the sky”). Abba’s new album “Voyage” is still at the top of the charts worldwide.

Not only in Australia. There, “Songs of Disappearance” beat Abba’s record for hit show reviews, an album that receives not any pop hits, but rather calls from 53 endangered bird species. Songbirds are currently the stars of the Australian music world, and are in third place, ahead of Michael Buble, Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish. It took wildlife specialist David Stewart more than 40 years to record the sometimes very rare sounds.

Among other things, you can hear the silky tree bird, which sounds like a lawnmower engine. The helmeted parrot’s name reminds us of a gangsta rapper, as the animal screams like a wine cork you roll out of a bottle. The song of the white frigate bird reminds us of the howl of an American police car. It’s also good that Swift Parrot is solidly ahead of Taylor Swift in the charts.

The cuckoo knows how long the whistling stars can stay ahead. Exotic birds like the crimson-headed and trunk-tailed stand deserve not to fall again soon. Because some of the birds in “Disappearance Songs” are so rare that you fear the recording is the latest craze. The success of the show helps the animals: a portion of the proceeds from the album go to BirdLife Australia.

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