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Australia bids to host World Climate Conference

Australia wants to apply in conjunction with neighboring Pacific countries to host the World Climate Conference. Foreign Secretary Penny Wong announced more ambitious climate goals during a visit to Fiji today. The government will sooner or later set ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emissions. Under previous governments, “Australia has neglected its responsibilities”.

Newly elected Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese wants to change the course of climate policy and get rid of his country’s notoriety as a climate sinner. During the election campaign, the Labor politician promised to reduce Australia’s CO2 emissions by 43% by 2030 compared to 2005. In addition, his party campaigned for a broader expansion of renewable energy, the purchase of premiums for electric cars and significantly stricter emission laws.

The previous Conservative government was criticized for its inadequate climate protection measures. The issue has also disrupted Australia’s relations with its Pacific neighbors, which are particularly threatened by climate change. Australia has felt the effects of climate change in recent years: a major fire in the east of the country in 2019 devastated Finland, and floods in February 2022 caused severe damage. Recently, the updated massive coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef became known.