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Australia and after the floods: “Trees full of snakes”

American broadcaster CNN There are numerous reports of spiders and snakes escaping the water to reach human homes.

For example, the Australian Matt Lovenbos records Facebook Repeatedly updates on the conditions at his farm on Kinchela Creek on the east coast of the country, a little between half the cities Sydney And Brisbane.

One of the photos is of dozens, not hundreds, of spiders moving in muddy ground. “It is still raining and the water is getting closer to home. There should be water in the house in the morning, and then the spiders will be everywhere, ”writes Lovenbos. This occurred in similar weather conditions in 2001 and 2013, when the animals naturally sought the highest place. That’s the house.

But spiders are not the only ones looking for strategies to deal with the extreme situation. “The trees are full of snakes,” Lovenbos writes. If you go by boat in flooded fields, plenty of reptiles will try to go by boat.

Fireman Russell Turner described similar behavior on the Australian broadcaster ABC: “A team was on a mission to rescue a family. When they returned to their boat, they found a large number of snakes in it. They then diverted the family, expelled the snakes, and completed the rescue mission. ”Here too the animals are looking for the highest place, in this case the Life Boat.

Rivers overflow their banks due to heavy rains that have lashed large parts of the east coast for days. 18,000 people were brought to safety 900 kilometers away, 15,000 of them north of Sydney and 3,000 in western Sydney, according to New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Perezglian.

Melanie Williams, who lives in Maxville, He also posted notable pictures on Facebook. “Many spiders from the flood waters,” he wrote.

In Dictok In the end Xenia Warley aired a video of numerous spidersThey go to the fence protection from the water. “They’re crawling on their feet for safety,” he commented.

The same good news for humans and animals: the rain should subside first on Wednesday, followed by sunlight and a temperature of about 30 degrees. However, it will take some time until the damage caused by this flood of this century is repaired.