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Australia: All G foods raise $ 15.5 million in seed capital

14. September 2021

© All G Foods Pty Ltd

Australian start-up All G foods, Producing alternative protein products by precise fermentation, recently completed the $ 15.5 million seed capital round. The company is about to launch its first product and the new capital, among other things, is to be used to advance the development of other meat alternatives.

With the help of innovative technologies, the company develops alternative proteins and protein products used in meat and dairy substitutes and forms the basis for further product development of its own brands. Founded by Al G Foods CEO John Pagas, he is the chairman and co-founder of Matt Pavs, an animal sitting platform.

$ 15.5 million seed capital round clean energy innovation fund (CEFC), Elleston Capital, Triple Star Capital, David Sheen and Jeff Levy (Peter Andrews (CEO Andrews Meets) and many more.

© All G Foods Pty Ltd

“We are very grateful for the support from so many incredible investors. You see great potential in us and in our products. Al G Foods is one of the first Australian companies to work with innovative precision fermentation technology.

It is the first product of Al G Foods based in Sydney Love BUDS Burgers, the plant-based burger granny is now available on IGA supermarket shelves and in burger joints across Australia. Extensive alternative protein products are already being developed for the Love BUDS brand as an alternative to vegetable-based minced meat, vegetable sausage and chicken and pork.