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Austerity cycle: Finnair takes the pillows off passengers

Austerity cycle: Finnair takes the pillows off passengers

Finnair’s passengers are now feeling the effects of the airline’s austerity measures in inflight service. For example, there is no second meal on two long-haul routes in economy class. And if you’re traveling long distances, you should have your own pillow with you.

Finnair has to save – especially since the airline still cannot use Russian airspace on its routes in Asia and has to fly long detours. Passengers are now also feeling the effects of the austerity measures. “The changes to our onboard service are part of the many actions we are taking to restore Finnair viability,” explains Eerika Enne, Head of Customer Experience.

In the future, a second meal will no longer be required in Economy Class on the shortest long-haul routes to New York and Dubai. If you still know something to eat, you can buy drinks and snacks on board — or bring your own snack, Finnair suggests. “Muesli, biscuit or biscuit bars are practical because they don’t take up much space, they don’t need refrigeration and they can be transported through security,” says the council.

Neck support should be adequate

On all long-haul routes, economy class passengers will still get blankets, but not pillows. “Many customers already travel with their travel pillow, and on long flights, the headrest supports the head,” the airline said.

There is also a reduction for Finnair business class passengers: on European routes, champagne will be replaced by sparkling wine. Changes effective April 19th.