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Aurora Ramazzotti leaves the Ticino Hospital with baby Cesare

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Aurora Ramazzotti leaves the Ticino Hospital with baby Cesare

They are smiling all over their faces: Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Sirza managed to leave the clinic in Ticino with their baby Cesare.


Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Sirza enjoying their parents’ happiness.

Instagram / Therealauroragram

  • Aurora Ramazzotti, 26, and longtime friend Goffredo Sirza, 27, have become parents for the first time.

  • Little Cesare was born on March 30, the couple announced on Instagram.

  • Now the three managed to leave the Ticino hospital.

A new chapter has now begun for Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Sirza: the couple were able to leave the Santana Hospital in Ticino with their son on Monday afternoon and start their journey to Milan. Paparazzi snaps show the two with a big smile and apparent happiness. As the 26-year-old waves to the cameras, the proud dad holds the baby seat with a sleeping Cesar. The little one is wrapped up tightly, which is why a look on his face is refused.

At the exit from the clinic, Aurora wears a long black coat and a beige bag. Her face is covered by sunglasses and a baseball cap. Eye-catching: On her right wrist she still wears the ribbon with which she announced her baby boy’s name on Instagram. The 27-year-old poses in a casual jacket and sunglasses. Before the two finally get into the car, they kiss deeply again.

Aurora Ramazzotti, Goffredo Sirza with their baby Cesare.

Pierpaolo Ferri/Mega

Michelle Hunziker jokes during her hospital visit

Michelle Hunziker went to Lugano with her mother, Enike Hunziker (79), only on SundayTo visit Aurora and Cesare. The presenter captured the first meeting between a great-grandmother and her grandson on Instagram and shared this heartwarming moment with her more than five million followers. You can see how the 79-year-old holds the little boy in her arms and looks at him with delight. But Michelle couldn’t help but crack a joke. On her Instagram story, she wrote about the photo: “Let’s do it this way: Innick is still everyone’s grandmother and I will be everyone’s mother! Is that okay, Aurora and Goffredo?”

The long-term couple announced the good news on Thursday, March 30th On his Instagram account, a few hours after Cesar was born. The first post featured a black and white photo showing the little one’s hand. Another shot showed the proud parents kissing in a hospital bed with their little one. “BFF,” the new dads wrote, which stands for “best friends for life.” Even before giving birth, Aurora announced her wish for her baby to be born in Switzerland, thus continuing a family tradition. She and her mother were born in a well-known clinic in Sorengo, TI.

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