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Audiovector QR7: QR Series Large Floor Standing Speaker

With the QR 7, Danish manufacturer Audiovector is introducing its new flagship model of the QR series, which is also pre-selected for home cinema and hi-fi, according to a press release from In-akustik, distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Audiovector QR 7: Concept and Technology

The 36-kilogram 3-way floor woofer is equipped with 8-inch woofers, 6-inch mid-range driver and Air Motion Transducer (AMT) with powerful neodymium magnets and precision-coated Mylar diaphragm for high frequency range; The cutoff frequencies of the Audiovector QR7 are 425 and 3000 Hz.

All drivers are suspended from the housing using a special three-point system and carefully separated, which Audiovector calls “no energy storage” – a particularly effective way to tackle unwanted resonance.

Group photo of the entire Audiovector QR series

According to the press release, during development, it was not only made sure that the Audiovector QR 7 played as if it was made from a single piece, but also that it was not critical in terms of the load that the amplifier “sees”. Efficiency over 90 dB/W/m and balanced impedance curve should ensure nice cooperation with tube and transistor amplifiers of all lines.

In-akustik assures that no off-the-shelf drivers are used, but only drivers developed in-house by Audiovector and made by a Danish factory to Audiovector specifications – and that was over 40 years ago.

The casing with rounded edges has several struts on the inside and is equipped with damping plates. According to Audiovector, it’s made of very hard, low-resonance wood (HDF).

The Audiovector QR 7 is available in matte white silk, piano black and dark walnut veneer – priced at a pair 5700 EUR.


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