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Auction: Parts of the former Emirates A380 plane under hammer

Auction: Parts of the former Emirates A380 plane under hammer

A lamp, a lifeline or even a flight of stairs from the A380? Airbus is selling 500 pieces of the interior of a giant plane that was flying to Emirates Airlines.

He was among the first. On October 24, 2008, an Airbus A380 with serial number 013 was delivered to Emirates Airlines. After just three days he flew from Dubai to New York and then traveled the world with up to 489 passengers. until the epidemic.

two years ago The golf airline has closed the super jumbo that was branded A6-EDB. As it turned out later, he was one of five who would never fly again. At aircraft recycling company Tarmac Aerosave, reusable parts are now being dismantled and recycled.

Also from other Airbus A380s

Not all parts of the previous Emirates A380 have been manufactured or melted down. Airbus will auction the particularly valuable items from June 23-25. According to the aircraft manufacturer, these are things that are “not only of technical value, but of aesthetic value as well.”

There are about 500 items up for auction, including lights, bar parts, steps, handrails, carriages, seats, and even a lifeline in the cockpit. Auction items aren’t limited to the behemoth with serial number 013. Some parts, like the business-class seats, are from other A380s, according to Airbus.

Returns for good reasons

Anyone bidding can take home a piece of history thanks to the auction, the aircraft manufacturer explains. The A380 program helped make the range what it is today and, among other things, made the A350 possible in the first place.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the Airbus Foundation. Funds humanitarian aid missions and invests in youth education. The Airitage Foundation, which is committed to preserving the aviation heritage, is also receiving contributions.