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Attack on Aargau Siegfried's IT network - Production at several locations halted

Attack on Aargau Siegfried’s IT network – Production at several locations halted

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Attack on Aargau Siegfried’s IT network – Production at several locations halted

Siegfried’s IT network has been targeted by malware attacks. Thanks to immediate countermeasures, the worst can be prevented.

Become the target of a cyber attack: Siegfried’s group based in Zwingen.

Raphael Honerfuth

The malware attack on Siegfried’s IT network reportedly happened Friday night. Zofingen, which is active in the life sciences sector, wrote in a press release.

After the cyber attack was detected, production at various locations was safely cut back, network connections were cut off and all IT systems underwent in-depth investigation. This investigation is currently underway.

The BioNTech bottling plant in Germany was also affected

The security of all employees and production facilities was guaranteed at all times, speech continues. With the exception of the two sites in Spain, which have an isolated network, there will be different levels of production disruption in the other locations.

The Siegfried production facility in Hameln, Germany was also affected by the attack. The Covid BioNTech vaccine, developed by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, was recently packaged there. Media spokesperson Peter Geller confirmed upon request: “Production in Hamelin is also discontinued. But this morning we’ve put everything on the right track so we can start the systems up slowly again. ”However, since these programs contain very complex control programs, it may take some time before production is fully ramped up. (Nearby)