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Athletics: Gina Lockcomber attacks critics

Athletics: Gina Lockcomber attacks critics

The ‘meat’ statement leaves her stunned |

“Outrageous!” Lückenkemper attacks critics

Now she’s shooting again!

After the disappointing World Championships in Eugene (USA) with only two medals (one gold and one bronze each), the criticism of German track and field athletes has been great. But runner Gina Lockcomber, 25, does not want to accept the road and let her sit on it.

A week before the start of the European Championships in Munich (15-21 August), in which 112 German athletes started, Löckenkemper said on Sky: “When you put it into perspective where our athletes come from and what they also do and how they have to put in their effort to compete against these professionals, I think it is better that we salute the athletes than here.”

But one statement in particular stunned her. Talking about ‘weak meat’ in the live broadcast is ‘disrespectful and rude towards athletes’.

After the World Cup, Lückenkemper had already openly criticized the German funding system. The Munich native said much needed to be done now to ensure “that talent remains in athletics in the coming years and that it is also attractive to make a conscious decision to work as a competitive athlete”.

At the world championships, the 4x100m relay led by Lückenkemper won the bronze – the only medal besides the gold medal from long jumper Malaika Mihambo (28).

At the Diamond Meet in Chorzow, Poland, Löckenkemper finished fourth over the 100m as the best European player. Other German athletes were in better shape. Christina Hering (27) finished sixth as the European third best over the 800 metres. Konstanze Klosterhalfen (25) finished seventh at 3000 metres.

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