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At 5 a.m. she's already on the road!

At 5 a.m. she’s already on the road!

Schlager star Beatrice Egli wants to conquer the Matterhorn this summer. In order to achieve her goal, a decent musician is not shy about anything.

Beatrice Egli talks about her height in Mythen SZ with a story on Instagram. – Instagram / beatrice_egli_offiziell

The basics in brief

  • While the others were still asleep, Beatrice Egli was already on her way to the top of the mountain.
  • The 33-year-old wants to climb the Matterhorn this summer.
  • Physically, she’s always been up for it, as she proves on Instagram.

If you want to be fit, you have to suffer… That seems to be the mantra of hit superstar Beatrice Egli (33).

Music You want it this summer Matterhorn Win and give yourself out of nothing. The cheerful woman called from Schwyz at 5 in the morning. Instagram to speak. It’s still dark outside and most of their fans are probably still in their feathers.

He said, “Good morning.” The 33-year-old In camera. Equipped with hiking clothes and headlights, she really dares to go to the Grosse Mythen SZ. “It still hits me too early.”

Are you up early?

About an hour later, Beatrice Egli stands on top with a beautiful view. She smiles proudly: “I made it for sunrise. Feels great!”

And hard training pays off: “I remember it was hard for me to get up here. I put my best time.”

But she cannot fully relax for the following reasons: Matterhorn Its height is 4,478 meters, which is much higher than the local Mount Schwyz. Fans will soon see if Egli can master this challenge, too.

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