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Asteroid 2021 GT2: Bigger than a passenger plane!  Space pieces headed to Earth

Asteroid 2021 GT2: Bigger than a passenger plane! Space pieces headed to Earth

Giant asteroids regularly rush towards our planet. Most of these encounters are harmless. On Monday, June 6, 2022, the 82-meter-high asteroid 2021 GT2 set its course for Earth and could cause severe damage. That’s what NASA says.

Asteroids regularly cross the Earth’s orbit. In most cases, these encounters are outer space Fortunately harmless to mankind. Because asteroids usually accelerate through the Earth over a great distance. But there are also samples that get dangerously close to our planet, which is why the space agency NASA Watching them as a precaution. After all, one of these giants could veer off course and hit the ground.

Asteroid 2021 GT2 on 06.06.2022 near Earth

One of these asteroids spotted by NASA is asteroid 2021 GT2. The space giant came perilously close to Earth on Monday 6 June 2022. The asteroid is between 36 and 82 meters in size, and therefore larger in some places than a passenger plane, which measures about 73 metres. If the asteroid 2021 GT2 collides with Earth, it could cause severe damage. However, the end of the world was not expected on Monday either.

Asteroid 2021 GT2 passes Earth at a distance of 6.8 million km

Asteroid 2021 GT2 passed Earth at a distance of about 6.8 million km. Although this distance is very large, the piece of space is in the list Near-Earth Curriculum Near-Earth NASA did. After this encounter, the asteroid will not approach Earth again until January 26, 2034, provided that it remains in its path and its orbit is not affected by another space segment.

NASA is currently observing about 2,000 asteroids

The NASA team is currently observing about 2,000 asteroids, comets and other objects that could approach Earth. The space agency is currently working on an experimental project to avoid future asteroid collisions. With a high-performance cannon, fired at an approaching asteroid, you must change its course and save humanity.

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