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Associations want to revoke approval of the Tesla factory >

The Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin has been officially operational since this week. Although after Delivery of the first 30 Y Performance models on Tuesday Initially no transmissions of other German-made electric cars were observed at the site, but this may be due to Tesla’s desire to wait until the start of the new quarter. But if two environmental associations are on the way, approval for the Gigafactory that was granted at the beginning of March will not last.

Associations require full Tesla notification

Green League and Nabu Brandenburg have accompanied the Tesla Project with lawsuits almost from the start. Without lasting success, they took legal action against the first clearances on the Gigafactory and caused suspense to last by securing court approval for the higher water withdrawal required for a Tesla plant that was declared illegal. only one Tolerance at the last minute by the state government This problem can be resolved in time for the first deliveries.

But for the associations, their resistance to the Tesla factory in Brandenburg does not end there. one dimension RBB . Report As of Friday, they have now filed an objection to the permit with the responsible state environment agency. A representative of Naboo was quoted as saying that they wanted to understand the basis on which permission was granted for the Giga factory. He requested that the notification be submitted without any revision.

Gigafactory continues to hire lawyers

The state government must be prepared to object – their representatives emphasized several times during the procedure that it also takes a lot of time because the legal business must be clean. The courts also have, apart from the recent ruling on the water permit, So far, decisions on these issues have always been in favor of Tesla. If the objection is rejected by the authority, the next lawsuit can still be expected. According to the ÖDP party, Tesla’s approval also violates EU law. This can lead to further action. Even after the official launch of the German factory Tesla, it continues to provide a lot of work for lawyers.