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Asia: Siberian heat wave – 20 minutes

Asia: Siberian heat wave – 20 minutes


40 degrees – the ‘worst heat wave ever’ rolls over Siberia

Although the climate in Siberia is otherwise cold, temperatures of 40 degrees or more have been measured since the beginning of June.


The highest temperatures ever recorded are currently taking place in Siberia.


  • Central Asia is currently experiencing a heat wave.

  • The highest recorded temperatures were recorded in many regions of Siberia.

  • In the Russian village of Paifu, the thermometer rose to 39.6 degrees.

Siberia is actually known for its harsh and cold climate. However, the region is currently experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. Since the beginning of June, at Heat records in several regions included.

This is the situation on the ground

In the city of Yalutorovsk, the hottest day on record was measured last Saturday with a temperature of 37.9 degrees, as reported by the CNN news site. In Paifu, the thermometer rose to 39.6 degrees. “We can say it’s really exceptional. It’s the worst heat wave in the history of the region,” climate researcher Maximilian Herrera, who observes temperature extremes around the world, wrote on Twitter on Twitter. The stations have records going back seventy years, he told CNN.

That could be the reason

According to “Geo News”, scientific analyzes can shed light on The role of climate change plays at the event. Global warming is known to contribute to an increase in the frequency and extremes of temperature events, particularly at higher latitudes.

A study conducted by an international team of scientists has concluded that the intense and prolonged heat wave of 2020 would not have been possible without human-caused climate change.

Samantha Burgess, deputy director of the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Service, also warns that extreme heat waves in Siberia will have catastrophic consequences for people and nature. She stressed the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the escalation of such thermal events.

This brings the future

According to Geo News, Omar Budour, Head of Climate Monitoring and Policy at the World Meteorological Organisation, describes Siberia as one of the fastest warming regions on earth, with extreme heat waves increasing at an alarming rate. “The records continue today with temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius,” Maximiliano Herrera told CNN.

Record heat is not only in Siberia, but in many regions of Central Asia. In China, temperatures exceeded 45 degrees, in Uzbekistan 43 degrees, and in Kazakhstan 41 degrees.

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