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Arturo Vidal flies off the field after a fatal error

Arturo Vidal flies off the field after a fatal error

In the World Cup qualifiers, Chilean Arturo Vidal immediately sees the color red, hitting his opponent with cleats in the face.

Arturo Vidal defeats his opponent and sees the color red. – Twitter / @LatamGol

The basics in brief

  • Arturo Vidal gets the second red card in the Chilean national team dress.
  • He hits an opponent in the face in the match against Ecuador.

He is known as a strong soccer player. The one who mercilessly goes to every duel, constantly moves to the legal limit – often beyond it. At the club, Arturo Vidal received 162 yellow cards, 6 yellow / red cards and 1 red card in 592 matches. With Chile in 130 games 35 yellow and two red.

The last time he got it on Tuesday night was probably the clearest. Ecuador had less than 15 minutes to play when Vidal tried to control a high ball with a neat jump. His feet reached an astonishing height.

But there, at great heights, Vidal’s foot does not hit the ball – it hits the opponent’s face. Ecuador’s defender Felix Torres heads the ball – then a shot studded by Vidal. The Chilean immediately knew what had just happened. Referee Arturo Vidal was expelled without hesitation.

Felix Torres was lucky in this ordeal: after a short treatment, he was able to continue playing. Ecuador won 2-0 in the end and is in third place behind Brazil and Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers.

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