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Art Direction: Chili Pepper is just painting—you know it?

Art Direction: Chili Pepper is just painting—you know it?

art direction

Chili peppers only paint – do you know it?

Artists put their skills to the test and paint things that look disconcertingly real. They can deceive you


One of these chilies is not as spicy as the others. any?

screenshot Tiktok anastasiakhoroshenko

“Spot painting” – On Tiktok you will find many videos in which artists draw everyday objects and place them next to actual objects. Distinguishing between real and painted images is surprisingly difficult, which is why videos like these do just that Keep going viral.

Artist Kevin often makes fun of his followers’ deception. In doing so, he draws attention to the fairly easily recognizable graphics, only to reveal at the end of the video that there are more objects drawn in the image, as in the video below.

Often a private motif is drawn to confuse the audience. Do you recognize him in the video below?

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