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Arrival in Doha.  A strange reception for the Swiss team.

Arrival in Doha. A strange reception for the Swiss team.

The adventure of the World Cup for the Swiss team has begun. After landing in Doha on Monday evening, Murat Yakin’s team is already expected to arrive in the Qatari capital.

Shortly after 3pm, the Swiss team will begin their World Cup adventure with their departure from Zurich. After about six hours and a smooth flight, Murat Yekin’s team landed in Qatar just before 11pm local time. The luxurious Royal Méridien, where Nati’s stars go to their rooms, heads straight.

The national team is already expected to be in the Qatari capital. Fans of Swiss T-shirts and flags give Sommer & Co. a warm, albeit somewhat odd, welcome. “Welcome to Doha,” the national team said on Twitter of the welcome, also accompanied by music.

There is less enthusiasm for the fans waiting in the comments. « Nice welcome? I hope this is a joke? Another agrees: “I hope they get paid well.”

In Qatar, not only Swiss colors are clearly represented. Argentinian, Brazilian, Spanish and Portuguese fans seem to be in great numbers a week before the tournament kicks off – even if one Twitter user expressed doubts: “I think the Qataris simply wore shirts from other countries.”

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