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Argentinier bought the Google web address for € 2.40

Argentinier bought the Google web address for € 2.40


Due to a bug, the Argentine Google domain was temporarily available for purchase last Wednesday. So I became in legal possession of a 30-year-old web designer from Buenos Aires.

“I couldn’t imagine that I could buy it,” says the 30-year-old. BBC vs. Google confirmed the man’s purchase.

According to him, he had received so many WhatsApp messages from friends that day that they could no longer access Google. The web designer then went to the website of the Argentine Network Information Center (NIC) and asked for the domain in question. It was shown as available.

The reason is not clear

Then the young man followed the steps to purchase the domain and actually received the domain bill for a short period. Cost: € 2.40. If you now visit, you can see your contact details as the owner of the domain instead of the required Google site.

The man objects that he had no bad intentions. In any case, Google was able to quickly take back control of the web address. However, it is still unclear how the error occurred. The Argentine Internet Corporation and NIC are currently investigating the cause of the error. However, what is certain is that neither the license has expired nor the reimbursement.