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Are you the "Mastermind"?  Very few find the right solution

Are you the “Mastermind”? Very few find the right solution

t-online regularly challenges you with challenging puzzles in video. Do you consider yourself a “mastermind”? Focus your mind on our tasks – in the video.

Our challenging puzzle videos are all about logic, shapes, and math. We promise in this t-online series: brainteasers will present you with a challenge! As usual, time is precious. Although of course we can’t check if you take a little longer and hit ‘Pause’. Feel free to use this option if necessary, because the tasks in our videos are very challenging.

Every weekend we have a fun puzzle ready for you. And it not only takes on the whims of real puzzles, but also guarantees a short, thoughtful time between them. So: You can find our latest video puzzle at the top of the article or here.

For all puzzle friends, we’re also showing you some other specific puzzle videos from the past few weeks:

Can you find the solution? In the current puzzle above and in other videos.