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Are you doing a math problem for fifth graders?

Are you doing a math problem for fifth graders?

t-online regularly challenges you with challenging puzzles Im a video Outside. Do you consider yourself a “mastermind”? Worry your head about our tasks.

Our challenging puzzle videos are all about logic, math problems, and shapes. Quests offer you a real challenge! As usual, time is precious. Even if, of course, we can’t control whether you need a little more time and press “Pause”. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity if necessary, because the tasks are very challenging.

The solution to the puzzle can be found in the video above – or Here.

Every weekend we have fun puzzles ready for you. And it’s not just for the true puzzle whims, but it also guarantees a short thought-provoking fun in between.

So that you don’t miss a thing, we show the videos of the past few weeks for all puzzle lovers:

Logical riddle: Aban and sons in front of the mirror – why are there only three in sight? (Source: t-online)

Logical puzzle: With just one match change, the equation becomes true again. (Source: t-online)

Math puzzle: What is the number 30 if you divide it by 5 and multiply it? (Source: t-online)

Solution Wanted: In the video you can see how one circle rotates around the other – but how many times? (Source: t-online)

Challenging puzzle: just hit the match to get the correct score. (Source: t-online)

Logical riddle: What is the result of this arithmetic problem? (Source: t-online)

Can you find the solution? In the current puzzle above and in other videos.