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Are these stairs up or down in California?

Are these stairs up or down in California?

Optical illusions

These ladders make the web desperate — do they go up or do they go down?

This picture is currently splitting minds. There is debate on the Internet as to whether the stairs lead up or down.


Are the stairs going up or down?

Reddit / GorBig

This discussion brings back memories: In 2015 the whole world was debating whether This dress The colors are blue, black or gold and white. This time he delivered. Some say the stairs lead up, others say they lead down. typical Optical illusions until. But what is now?

on reddit violently. The user writes that the stairs go up clearly – you just need to look at the shadows. Another user said he initially thought it was going up. But then he zoomed in and saw through an optical illusion: It’s driving down!

On the Internet, people are different.


A tantalizing picture, a popular tourist destination

Happy staircase in California It leads to Sunny Jim C Cave in the coastal town of La Jolla. Interesting: the cave was built by German engineer and philosopher Gustav Schultz in 1902. He saw the beautiful sea cave as an opportunity to extract a few dollars from tourists, and he was right, because today Sunny Jim Cave is a popular tourist destination. The name was given by Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz. The opening reminded him of “Sunny Jim”, a mascot from American muesli brand “Force Cereal”.

But what is the correct answer now? The stairs actually lead down. If you look closely, you can see the man in the middle holding on. His strange posture is also noticeable. A typical pose for a person walking up a ladder.

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