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Are Jutta Leerdam and Jake Paul a couple?

Jutta Leerdam and Jake Paul

This speed skating princess is dating a YouTube star

Are Jutta Leerdam and Jake Paul a couple? At least that’s how it looks according to the latest Instagram photos.


Jutta Leerdam and Jake Paul pose together on Instagram.


  • It seems that there is a new dream in this sport.

  • Boxer Jake Paul and speed skater Jutta Leerdam could be a couple.

  • They share photos together on Instagram.

Jutta Leerdam is a six-time world champion, four-time European champion and Olympic silver medalist. Dutch is one of the most successful speed skaters at the moment. On the other hand, Jake Paul is a boxer and above all a social media star. Together, the duo has more than 26 million followers on Instagram.

But are the two now a couple? Yes, at least if you believe the latest posts on Instagram. Post the two pictures together. “I’m Dutch now,” the American writes. Under the 24-year-old’s contribution, Paul wrote: “Ice Princess.”

April Fool?

As an insider explains to TMZ Sports, Paul and Leerdam reportedly met on Instagram. It has been getting more intense for a few months – until now the official confirmation. However: the lovers of both do not believe in the couple. User writes: “April Fool’s joke”?

Both sports stars had to deal with a breakup last year. Last summer, Leerdam’s relationship with fellow speed skater Quinn Verwey (32) fell apart after five years. At the time, the Dutch woman said: “We’re at different stages in our lives and we’re not the ‘match’ we used to be.” Jake Paul is no longer a match for his ex either. Julia Rose He had an on and off relationship with many ups and downs until the end.

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