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Are Donald Trump and Melania really going their separate ways?

Are Donald Trump and Melania really going their separate ways?

Melania and Donald Trump haven’t been seen together in a long time. New evidence feeds rumors of separation.

The basics in brief

  • Trump’s boom appears to be crooked.
  • Now there are new signs of a split between Donald and Melania Trump.

Did you finally back off? There has been speculation for a long time, and now there are new indications: Did Donald Trump (75) and Melania (51) definitely break up?

For a long time, the former model made herself a rarity alongside her ex-boss. In a confused interview it turns out: also It doesn’t look like Donald has proof To get what his lover wants.

Latest piece of advice sparking presidential secession rumors: At a weekend event in Sarasota, Florida, the former president gave an emotional speech—but from Melania no trace.

Will Melania get divorced from Donald?

to many Their absence came Surprise, because: Sarasota is not far from Trump’s luxury Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. It is believed that the former first lady participated with Ibn Baron (15) there withdrew. Melania could have been a stone’s throw away from listening to her husband’s speech.

The former most powerful man in the world celebrated himself on July 3rd with his song “Save America” ​​praising him without the support of his wife. Instead, it was done to him mini– MI Donald Trump Jr. Association (43). Thousands of American patriots welcomed this the fatherThe team members marched with thunderous applause.

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