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Ara: History Untold: new impressions and release period of the strategy game

Ara: History Untold: new impressions and release period of the strategy game

As previously promised, the strategy game Ara: History Untold was also presented in more detail in the Xbox Developer Direct. This now also has a release window.

Oxide Games and Microsoft used the Xbox Developer Direct stage last night to put their upcoming strategy epic Ara: History Untold in the spotlight. The title was introduced in more detail in a nearly seven-minute deep dive, and has now also been given a release window.

Ara: History Untold is scheduled for release on PC in fall 2024; Once released, the game will of course be part of PC Game Pass once again, with subscribers benefiting from Microsoft's gaming subscription. However, no very specific launch date was initially set.

In the deep dive, which you can also watch in video form below, the game's graphics were showcased as well as some of the features. The motivation behind some design decisions by the developers is also explained.

Ara: History Untold is based on a procedurally generated game world, so you'll always feel new rounds. In this living world, as rulers, you must build your nation and bring it to glory. To do this, you have to explore new lands, develop art and culture, use diplomacy, or, if in doubt, use force against rivals. Communities can be built in different biomes – from tropical forests to deserts. Resources are essential to the development of your nation and all the decisions you make will have some sort of impact on the rest of the game.

The grand strategy game also features a certain degree of unpredictability. The current circumstances of your country may trigger a series of random events that present you with unique challenges.

Another important aspect of the title is also discussed: the wording. This item plays a role in many ways, whether it is training new units, establishing trade routes, or maintaining good relations with other nations through the production of gifts.

Ara: History Untold ultimately wants to be a modern twist on the classic historical grand strategy genre. Not bad marks for this, after all, several members of developer Oxide were previously involved in important positions in the creation of Sid Meier's Civilization V.

Ara: History Untold – Live Developer 2024: Behind the Scenes

As part of the Xbox Developer Direct, the creators have brought you a new seven-minute look at the strategy game Ara: History Untold.