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April Live Streaming Highlights / Action, Sports & Fun on RTL+

April Live Streaming Highlights / Action, Sports & Fun on RTL+


In April, streaming fans can look forward to plenty of supplies on RTL+. It opens with the featured topper “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin”. The new chapter in the “Pretty Little Liars” series spins in a captivating web of secrets and lies and celebrates an exclusive German premiere on RTL+. Leverage 2.0 Season 2 remains exciting: fans of the original Leverage can look forward to their favorite rogues looking to fight for justice. Things are looking a bit more subdued in the new travel and cooking series ‘This Is Ireland – On a Journey of Discovery with Donal’, which takes live hosts to the most beautiful places in Ireland. At the end of the month, sports fans will also get their money’s worth: they can catch football stars in the first German-language NFL draft broadcast live from the USA.

Flow highlights at a glance:

Series in April 2023

Leverage 2.0– Season 2, from April 3, also on RTL Crime

“Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin”from 10.4.

“Law and order” Season 21 from April 24.

“Made for love” Season 2, from 24.4.

TV highlights in April 2023

“Lion’s Den” Season 9, from 3.4.

“Rao – the savior of the restaurant”, from 11.4.

“Reality Star Battle”from 12.4.

“Grill the Henssler”, from 16.4.

“Sing My Song – Exchange Party”, from 25.4.

Documentaries in April 2023

A Taste of Ireland – A Journey of Discovery with Donal 8 episodes, starting April 20 on RTL Living

Sports in April 2023

UEFA Europa League & Conference League – Quarter-finals – First legat 13.4.

UEFA Europa League & Conference League Quarter-finals Round 2at 20.4.

“LIVE: NFL Draft”on April 28 and 29, also on NITRO

More information on the featured formats selected in April:

“Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin”, from 10.4. weekly in double episodes

New town, new secrets, new “Little Liars”.

The “Pretty Little Liars” series quickly developed into a pop culture phenomenon in the 2010s and remains a cult favorite to this day. The new chapter, “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” debuted in July 2022 in the US on HBO Max and is now celebrating its German premiere on RTL+. In this dark, coming-of-age, horror-filled drama, viewers find themselves miles away from Rosewood but inside the current world of Pretty Little Liars – in an entirely new city, with a new generation of “Little Liars.”

Leverage 2.0– Season 2, from April 3, also on RTL Crime

German premiere of the second season

New adventures of a gang of crooks with a heart: Ten years have passed, but as in the previous series “Leverage”, criminals fight for justice in the new edition and stand up for the weak who have been betrayed by the government and corporations. . In the new season, the team brings Harry back to help a journalist. He was arrested for researching corruption in a small country in Eastern Europe. In order to free him, the team must go beyond their limits. On April 3rd, RTL Crime and RTL+ will premiere the second season of Leverage 2.0 in Germany.

“LIVE: NFL Draft”at 28. and 29.4.

The Football Stars of Tomorrow live on NITRO & RTL+

The best football league in the world is looking for the stars of tomorrow! The biggest talent exchange in professional sports is about to begin – the annual National Football League draft. Who are the most desirable players? What is the career dream that will come true? The first day of the draft starts from Kansas City, Missouri on Friday night, April 28th at 12:30 a.m. on NITRO and on RTL+. Day Two can be watched on RTL+ from 12:30am on a Saturday night. Fans can also tune in to the US End of Day 3 on the original US broadcast in that country on Saturdays from 6:00 PM on the streaming service. All 2023 NFL Draft broadcasts are free and accessible free of charge from the web browser at and via the app for RTL + Premium users.

A Taste of Ireland – A Journey of Discovery with Donal 8 episodes, starting April 20 on RTL Living

New Cooking Documentary

Rugged coastlines, ancient cities and lush green landscapes – in this new eight-part travel and cooking series, Donal Skehan and his trusty dog ​​Max embark on a culinary adventure that will introduce them to local Irish specialties, magical places as well as the people of Ireland – and inspire Donal to create recipes from his homeland in each episode .

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