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Apprenticeship 2021: find the right place quickly - Supports the Employment Agency in Montabor

Apprenticeship 2021: find the right place quickly – Supports the Employment Agency in Montabor

News from 06/22/2021

Summer vacation is approaching, and the new interns will start their careers in August. However, many young people who have finished their studies are still looking for vocational training? As well as young people who overstayed after graduating last year.

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Montabor. “Some are disappointed that they have not yet received an answer to their requests, and during these difficult times, some lack the motivation to make more attempts,” notes Dr. Barbara Fett, Team Leader for Career Consulting at the Montabor Employment Agency. The good news is: There are many apprenticeship opportunities open in all industries, and they are still worth applying now. Our career advisors take the time to speak with you in person? Gladly with parents – and support the search for a suitable apprenticeship job.

The pandemic has already begun to delay operations in the second year. Job announcements, interviews and decisions: all this has been postponed due to the lockdown and many uncertainties. But finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone really starting over now has a good chance of finding an apprenticeship job.

It is indisputable that school education has suffered due to distance learning and local restrictions. This realization can, of course, erode young people’s self-confidence and generate frustration: Isn’t it a good idea to apply anyway? “The school report alone is not conclusive,” says Barbara Fett. You can also score points with commitment and social skills. To get to know each other, employers again offer more internships. And you can do something about bad grades. The recruitment agency helps the trainees to get free private lessons. In this way, weaknesses in basic subjects such as German and mathematics can be smoothed out and a deficit in professional knowledge can be avoided.

The fastest way to get professional advice is the local hotline 02602123222. All information is available online:

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