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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Appointments on April 29, 2022

07:00 DEU: BASF, first quarter numbers ^

Dates Company

7:00 a.m. DEU: BASF, first quarter figures (detailed) (10:00 a.m. annual general meeting online)

07:00 NLD: Signify, first quarter numbers

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07:00 AUT: OMV’s first quarter numbers

07:00 DEU: Fox Petrolube, first quarter numbers (10:00 p.m., 12:00 p.m. conference call)

07:00 DEU:, annual figures (detailed)

07:00 ESP: BBVA numbers, Q1

07:00 France: saffron, first quarter sales

07:30 AUT: Erste Group Bank, first quarter numbers

07:30 NLD: KPN, Q1 numbers

07:30 DNK: Danske Bank, first quarter numbers

07:30 FRA: Remy Cointreau, first quarter sales

08:00 DEU: MTU Aero Engines, Q1 . numbers

08:00 SWE: Svenska Cellulosa, first quarter numbers

08:00 SWE: Electrolux, Q1

08:00 GBR: Natwest, Q1 . numbers

08:00 Britain: Reckitt Benckiser, first quarter sales

08:00 GBR: AstraZeneca, Q1 numbers

08:00 SWE: Vattenfall, Q1 numbers

08:15 DEU: Nagarro, numbers for the year (detailed)

10:00 a.m. CHE: SNB, Annual General Meeting, Bern

10:00 DEU: Vonovia, Annual General Meeting (online)

10:00 DEU: Hella, Annual General Meeting (online)

10:00 DEU: Continental Annual General Meeting (online)

10:00 DEU: Bayer, Annual General Meeting (online)

10:00 DEU: Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Annual General Meeting (online)

11:00 DEU: BMW presents the futuristic iFactory concept at a factory in Regensburg, Munich

11:00 DEU: Atoss Program, Annual General Meeting (online)

12:30 US: Honeywell International, first quarter numbers

12:45 US: Chevron Corporation Q1 numbers

13:00 CHE: Credit Suisse, Annual General Meeting (online)

13:30 in the US: ExxonMobil, Q1 numbers

13:45 USA: Abbvie numbers, Q1

16:00 USA: Boeing, AGM (online)

Dates company without specifying the time

AUT: Palfinger, Q1 numbers

AUT: Andritz AG, first quarter numbers

ESP: CaixaBank, Q1 numbers

GBR: Pearson Group, first quarter sales

ITA: Eni, Q1 numbers

US: Bristol-Myers Squibb numbers Q1

United States: Colgate-Palmolive Q1 numbers

United States: Weyerhauseser, Q1 أرقام numbers

economy of dates

06:30 NLD: Retail Sales 03/22

07:30 FRA: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

08:30 CHE: Retail sales 03/22

08:45 FRA: Consumer Prices 04/02 (Preliminary)

08:45 FRA: Producer prices 03/22

09:00 CZE: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

09:00 AUT: Consumer Prices 04/22 (Initial)

09:00 AUT: GDP for the first quarter of 22

09:00 ESP: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

09:00 ESP: Retail Sales 03/22

09:00 CHE: KOF Leading Indicator 04/22

09:00 TRK: Trade Balance 03/22

10:00 EUR: ECB Money Supply M3 03/22

10:00 POL: Consumer Prices 04/02 (Preliminary)

10:00 ITA: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

10:00 DEU: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

10:30 PRT: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

10:30 PRT: Consumer Prices 04/22 (Preliminary)

10:30 PRT: BIP Q1/22 (first version)

11:00 EUR: CPI 02/04 (Introductory)

11:00 ITA: Consumer Prices 04/22 (Introductory)

11:00 EUR: BIP Q1 / 22 (first version)

12:30 Russia: Central Bank rate decision

14:30 USA: Cost of Recruitment Index Q1 / 22

14:30 USA: Personal Income and Expenses 03/22

15:45 USA: MNI Chicago PMI 04/22

– 16:00 United States: University of Michigan Consumer Confidence 4/22 (final)

EUR: Fitch rating result Germany, Belarus,

EUR: S&P Score of the Czech Republic and Sweden

Euro: Moody’s Poland Rating Score

Other dates

DEU: Presentation of the German Innovation Award, Munich

Accenture, EnBW, Evonik and “Wirtschaftswoche” magazine award the award in the categories of large companies, medium-sized companies, small companies and start-ups.

09:15 DEU: Exemplary actions against Porsche and VW continue to investors, Celle


JPN: Public holiday, stock exchange closed

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Saturday 30th April

Dates Company

DEU: Adler Group, 2021 annual figures

economy of dates

03:30 CHN: Manufacturing and Services PMI 04/22

03:45 CHN: Caixin PMI Manufacturing 04/22

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