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Apple won't bring macOS to iPad

Apple won’t bring macOS to iPad

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Distance: distance Apple announced This week that You are both new iMac And the iPad Pro Stand on line You have an excellent M1 processor, and a lot of people have speculated whether it is This means the company has been preparing to bring macOS to iPad. And look, maybe this would be a cool thing – the long-awaited Mac with a touchscreen! – –But Apple definitely won’t integrate the Mac with the iPad. At least not in the near future.

In an interview with The IndependentSaid Greg Josoyac, Apple’s chief marketing officer and director of hardware, John Tornos Without a doubt that iPad is the iPad, and Apple plans to keep it that way. IPad will still run iOS, and there will be no macOS version of iPad.

People said that [the Mac and iPad] Contradict yourself. That person has to decide if they want a Mac or an iPad, ”Josoyak told The Independent. Or people say we merge them into one.“ There is really such a big conspiracy that we have to get rid of the two categories and make them one. And reality is not so. ”

Instead, Apple wants to make the Mac and iPad the best in their respective categories. According to Joswiak and Ternus, Apple doesn’t want to limit the capabilities of both devices just because of their form factor. People have workflows that cover both areas, and people prefer to use one machine over the other for certain tasks. We also noticed this recently When comparing Apple’s instructions from Put the same processor in all devices Windows PC – Philosophy to Many different configuration options to choose from.

But as the Independent notes The iPad is more powerful than it really needs, and Apple hasn’t released a powerful app yet To show his performance. For example, an Apple Final Cut Pro movie editing application It just works macOS (while Adobe Premiere Pro works with Both Mac and iPad). We are still waiting for the software to take advantage of the amazing new iPad Pro display, M1 processor, and Thunderbolt support. Apple continues to shrink the Mac touch screen does not happenAnd the iPad is a class of its own, which is true – at least for now. But tIPad Pro is now the most impressive tablet from a hardware point of view-And therefore Where are you going from here?

Josoyac has the answer for everything: IIt is better to do something stronger than to start Then bring the firmware with you instead of trying to run a complicated program on something that can’t run. He said it’s just a matter of getting enough space.

This is not an acknowledgment from Apple that you want to achieve Final Cut Pro or other software not currently available on iPad Pro for iPad Pro. Joswiak was pretty mute about it in the interview, but his reasoning makes sense: build the hardware and then bring the software experience with you. We just have to wait and see what other things Apple keeps for the iPad that it doesn’t have MacOS included.