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Apple will show it tomorrow

Apple will show it tomorrow

Apple spring is almost here.

In Apple’s first presentation this year, new iPads and possibly the long-awaited AirTags will be presented tomorrow.

Apple will hold its first keynote of the year tomorrow, Tuesday. As with all events of the past year, this will again be a pre-produced show that will be broadcast by Apple starting at 7 PM Swiss time. You can expect the following:

The new iPad pros

Apple has likely supplied almost the entire iPad lineup with updates. The flagship iPad Pro in both versions, at 11 and 12.9 inches, needs to be refreshed. The processor should be the A14X, which should be as powerful as the M1 chip that was first shown in MacBooks launched at the end of last year.

Only in the larger model can the screen use mini-LED technology. However, production issues are said to have appeared here in the past few weeks, so the iPad Pro may be available in smaller quantities initially.

Small updates for smaller iPads

The iPad mini, which was last refurbished in 2019, has been delayed. There are currently conflicting reports here. There may only be an internal update, that is, a faster processor, but the screen may also be slightly larger, from 7.9 to 8.4 inches currently.

The regular iPad, which is currently an entry-level model, is finally ready for an upgrade. It could come a little closer to the design of the iPad Air, that is, to have a thinner case.

Are AirTags Finally Coming Up?

Since 2019, AirTags always seem to be on the verge of launching. The technology required to use it, in particular the U1 chip, had already been installed in the iPhone 11 launched at the time. But for unknown reasons, its submission was repeatedly delayed. Tomorrow could be the last until now.

AirTags are small coin-shaped tags that can be attached to a key chain. With them one must be able to localize things. Either via the U1 chipset’s ultra-wideband technology or via Bluetooth. A huge network in which all the iPhones in the world are involved can ensure that lost keys can be found on the street by their owners.

At the start of the month, Apple activated this network for third-party gadgets. In beta releases of iOS 14.5, soon to be expected, there were also references to AirTags. All this raises the hope that AirTags will see daylight after all.