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Apple Studio Display: Change Stand, Swap Cables, and Storage

Apple Studio Display: Change Stand, Swap Cables, and Storage

last friday is new Apple Studio Display Officially started. After the expensive Pro Display XDR, Apple is now once again offering an affordable display to a much larger group of people. You still have to put at least 1,749 euros on the table – a proud sum.

The many details that appear around the studio screen are intriguing. Until now, it was assumed that you had to decide on one of the three stand options when buying it. After all, Apple states on its website that the mount is not interchangeable. As it is now known, you can change the configuration after purchasing from an Apple Store or with an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Studio Display introduces “Hey Siri” to some older Macs

The power cable is also permanently attached to the back of the studio monitor. Unlike the cable on the iMac, it cannot simply be pulled. However, there appears to be a special Apple repair store tool that can be used to remove the cable from your Mac — and looks wild the end.

What I find personally exciting: According to reports from the web The studio monitor has an internal memory of 64 GB. Just like the basic version of the iPad Air, but so far, it seems that the storage space is only about 2GB occupied. Why is Apple keeping these reserves? not clear.

If you’ve been using an old Mac, you can look forward to the fact that “Hey Siri” now works for you too along with Studio Display. Specifically, the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro and all iMacs from 2017 to 2019 will receive this feature update.