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Apple offers offline maps after a long time

Apple offers offline maps after a long time

June 9, 2023 –
Eleven years after the launch of Apple Maps, Apple is adding offline functionality. The new features will appear with iOS 17.

Apple’s official Maps app was introduced as a competitor to Google Maps in 2012. But it took eleven years before Apple Maps could be used offline. Apple itself confirms the upcoming feature in this a tool. From the release of iOS 17, Apple users will be able to use the Maps service even without an internet connection.

Similar to Google Maps, with Apple Maps it will be possible to select a map section to download. It is then possible to use the search function or to navigate in the selected area. Sections of the map saved offline can also be transferred to the Apple Watch.

In addition to offline maps, Apple Maps will be able to show real-time availability of EV charging stations categorized by plug type and charging network. Apple already offers a similar feature called EV Routing. The feature works through Carplay and allows Apple Maps to track the car’s charging stats and suggest a route that connects to a compatible charging station.

If you want to try out the new features before iOS 17 is released, you can download the already available beta version instead. However, errors in the program are still to be expected. (adk)