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Apple offers all this in the new year

Apple offers all this in the new year

Apple fans will likely queue at stores again in 2022.

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New iPhones, more of your chips and maybe smart glasses. With this, Apple will make you happy in 2022.

Somewhat bigger leaps are expected again this year, after 2021 has been a fairly quiet year in terms of Apple’s further product development. The Bloomberg insider has already done so some expectations For the new Apple year.

The following iPhones

The iPhone is still Apple’s most important product. Unless an Omega version or a Covid-22 Apple throws the bill, new top models can be expected in September, as usual.

The most obvious innovation could be the relocation of the front camera into a hole built into the display. this is hole punch-The design has been around for several years now on Android smartphones. the slitSo the degree that has shaped the look of iPhones for years will be a thing of the past. And the SIM card may also be a thing of the past for iPhones in 2022.

A new version of Apple’s somewhat cheaper iPhone SE can be expected early in the year. For the first time, the SE Series will support 5G mobile communications standards, which are no longer entirely new, on board.

Apple smart glasses

Rumors about the upcoming Apple glasses have intensified recently, so a launch in 2022 seems increasingly likely. It will be Apple’s most important new product since the Apple Watch was first launched in 2014.

Some believe that augmented and virtual reality will become the defining form of communication and entertainment in the future. This assumption is also behind Facebook’s renaming of Meta and the stated focus on the very vaguely defined metaverse thus far.

Apple, too, clearly regards the area as more than just passing hype. It would make sense to give a presentation at the WWDC Developer Conference in June. The glasses should not be available until months later, perhaps towards the end of the year, so that there is enough time to develop appropriate software.

Intel Addy

For Macs, the switch from Intel processors to Apple’s M series chips could be completed this year. The Mac Pro is said to be available for the first time with M-Chips, with up to 40 cores in the main processor and 128 cores in the graphics processor.

MacBook Air is already available with Apple’s own chips. The biggest design changes, almost unchanged since 2018, are likely to be pending here. You can expect thinner bezels around the screen here. As with the MacBook Pro, the camera can also be accommodated to a small degree.